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Roundtable Events


The purpose of the roundtable events are to facilitate open discussion and dialogue between individuals of varying levels across a span of organisations who share a commonality with regards the day-to-day working demands and challenges faced by those undertaking company secretarial tasks. The working group will consist of a group of individuals who will meet regularly to discuss current industry topics relevant to the role of the company secretary.

What is the format?

  • A one hour informal meeting, after work, approximately once a quarter (this could be more frequent if considered useful/necessary).
  • Identify in advance relevant topics that could or are impacting company secretaries and their clients (recent examples could have been EU Market Abuse Regulation, PRIIPs, Beneficial Ownership and Control Requirements for Jersey Companies, GDPR, FATCA and CRS).
  • Identify how we can obtain more knowledge on these subjects: i.e.
  1. Have trade bodies issued guidance?
  2. Should a seminar/talk or bespoke training on the subject on island be arranged?
  3. If so, what are the critical questions that should be covered?

What are the benefits?

We can help develop a best in practice approach which will benefit all involved and also help promote the company secretarial reputation of the island, whilst also providing a good networking opportunity.

As the working group is open for participation by individuals of all levels working in company secretarial services in Jersey, it will create a diverse and wide-ranging platform for open discussion leading to a unique learning experience for those in attendance.  

For more information, please read the briefing note.

To express your interest in theRoundtable Events, please contact committee@icsajersey.org.je

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