ICSA Chief Executive Simon Osborne hailed as a ‘stalwart champion’ of the Isle of Man

Christine Clucas, the chairman of the Isle of Man branch of the ICSA was full of praise for Mr Osborne after receiving the news he will be retiring in mid-2019. Read the article.

Standards of compliance in the Isle of Man 'much higher' than the UK, says boss of professional organisation

The Isle of Man has been praised for its high standards of compliance and transparency by the boss of a professional body representing company secretaries and administrators. Read the article.

Unsung heroes of island companies

ICSA CEO Simon Osborne, discusses the importance of the company secretary role with IOM Today. Read the article.

Business governance

Listen to Simon Osborne explain business governance to MTTV. 

Time for more humility on boards?

Governance, risk and audit specialist Bob Semple FCIS, spoke on board dynamics at the Isle of Man Conference on 14 May. Read his blog which explores why board humility is important. 

Tour of Tynwald Parliament 

During a recent visit to the Isle of Man, through the kind auspices of Alan Crowe, FCIS, ACIB, MLC, Theresa Minnie ICSA's Head of Client Relations and Members, accompanied by the ICSA Branch Council Chair, Adrian Tinkler, ACII, ACIS were provided with a tour of Tynwald Parliament, the Members' Room and Millennium Room by Alan and were honoured to meet with The Hon. Clare Christian, B Sc., President of Tynwald, during their visit.

The High Court of Tynwald is the parliament of the Isle of Man and has an unlimited, but not necessarily exclusive, legislative competence. Tynwald is of Norse origin and over 1,000 years old, and is thus the oldest parliament in the world with an unbroken existence. It has two branches, the Legislative Council and the publically elected House of Keys, which sit separately to consider legislation, but also sit together in Douglas, and annually at St John's, for other parliamentary purposes.

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