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Update from the Companies Registration Office

24 October 2016

Small company abridged financial statements

We have received the following update from the CRO for members with regard to small company abridged financial statements and also contacting the CRO in October and November in the light of the usual end of year filing commitments but also the added complication this year of the deadline for receiving conversion documents by the end of November. By all accounts it seems the CRO will be busier than ever and some filings may take a little longer than usual.

Under the terms of Sections 352 & 353 of the Companies Act 2014, a small company is required to file the following Financial Statements in respect of financial years ending on or after 1 June 2015:

  1. Extract from Directors' Report setting out the information referred to in section 329 (interests in shares and debentures) which is required to be stated in the Directors’ Report and extracted therefrom;
  2. Balance Sheet and Notes to the Financial Statements as set out in section 353 of the Act; and
  3. Unless audit exempt, a special statutory auditors’ report  prepared in accordance with section 359

The requirement at 1 above to provide information on Director's interests in shares/ debentures is separate and additional to the requirement in section 318 to provide details of share capital in the Notes to the Financial Statements, referred to at 2 above.

See Appendix 1 to CRO Information Leaflet No 23 for a sample Abridged Audit Exempt Financial Statements, Appendix 2 for information on the Directors' Report and Appendix 4 for information on the Notes to the Financial Statements - CRO information leaflet

If in doubt, companies are advised to obtain professional advice in relation to the contents of their Financial Statements.


This year, in addition to dealing with the usual peak filing of annual returns in October/ November, the Carlow office will also be responsible for processing applications from companies to be converted to a new company type (LTD or DAC) before the 18 month transition period ends on 30 November.

In the exceptional circumstances pertaining this year, it would be appreciated if instead of telephoning the Carlow office, customers seeking information or assistance could send an e-mail to one of the following e-mail addresses, please:

Annual Returns general: crocarlow@djei.ie
e-B1 queries: eb1@djei.ie
Conversions: conversions@djei.ie
Business Names: rbn@djei.ie
District Court cases: dcet@djei.ie
Credit Card Refunds: epayments.cro@djei.ie
Customer Accounts: cro.customer.accounts@djei.ie

Please note that on the CRO website, in the "WHAT'S NEW" section, there is a daily update advising of the date of receipt of annual returns, RBNs and conversion documents being processed on that day - see CRO processing dates.

Customers are requested to avoid contacting CRO about documents delivered after the processing date given on the website as they have not yet been reached by the processing team. This will allow CRO to continue to dedicate resources to the processing of submissions. Your cooperation in this regard would be greatly appreciated.