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Our new name

The recent announcement that our Institute, the ICSA: The Governance Institute has changed name to become The Chartered Governance Institute, is a move which mirrors the change in name of the international professional body of which it is a division.

Rationale for the change

Clarifying the reason behind the name change, John Heaton, UKRIAT President explained:

“The Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (ICSA), as The Chartered Governance Institute was formerly known, changed its name by grant of a Supplemental Charter on 16 September 2019. As members made clear to us during the extensive consultation process before they voted for the change at the Institute’s Annual General Meeting in September last year, the change of name reinforces the point that we are the only professional membership body able to award chartered status to company secretaries and other professionals working in the field of governance.

“The Institute has always moved with the times to reflect the work that it does and the role has expanded beyond the corporate world as there became a need for governance professionals to provide advice and support to other sectors of the economy, hence the reason we had adopted the name of ICSA: The Governance Institute.

Demand for good governance is increasing across all sectors of the economy and our purpose of leading ‘effective and efficient governance and administration of commerce, industry and public affairs’ continues to be as relevant today as it ever was.”

The use of post nominals

Post-nominals or designatory letters are the letters placed after a person’s name to show their credentials. As the awarding body, we need to actively promote and champion the use of these letters in order to educate stakeholders (employers, regulators and other professionals) about what they mean in order to maintain their value.

By using The Chartered Governance Institute post-nominals after their names, our members benefit from:

  • Being recognised across the world as a highly qualified governance professional
  • Demonstrating their commitment to professional standards and ethics
  • Demonstrating their commitment to their own ongoing professional development
  • Showing that they are part of an international governance community
  • Indicating a commitment to the governance profession through membership

Post-nominals awarded by The Chartered Governance Institute

From the sealing of a Supplementary Charter in September 2019, the post-nominals conferred by The Chartered Governance Institute have changed to a new set that reflect the Institute’s new name. The International Council of the Institute has granted members a transition period in which they can continue to use the previous set of designatory letters. The table below shows both the new set and their former equivalent. The transition period ends on 31 December 2023. From 01 January 2024 all members will use the new post-nominals.

What are The Chartered Governance Institute’s post-nominals?

Post-nominals awarded by The Chartered Governance Institute from September 2019




Former Post-nominal

Chartered membership








Professional and Part Qualified membership


CG (Affiliated)

CIS (Affiliated)

Graduate membership




Student membership


No post nominals

No post nominals

Qualified in Corporate & Health Service Governance

Level 6

No post-nominals – holders of these qualifications are now eligible for Affiliated Membership

Cert (ICSA)

Qualified in Academy, Charity, Corporate & Sports Governance

Level 4

Cert (ICSA)

Qualified to certificate level in IFA

Level 5

Dip (ICSA)

Qualified to certificate level in IFA

Level 4

Cert (ICSA)

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