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Company secretaries have a big part to play in a company’s integrity

08 January 2015

This short article by Elizabeth Doty, network fellow of Harvard University’s Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics and founder of Leadership Momentum, in PWC’s Strategy and Business publication makes for excellent reading. Here’s an extract:

Integrity—or lack thereof—remains a critical challenge for companies today. Whether it involves promising a client that our software will work in their setting, adhering to investment guidelines with people’s retirement savings, or performing the correct medical procedure, we owe it to our customers, employees, shareholders, and the world at large to be responsible about what we commit to and what we deliver. But integrity isn’t easy: It stretches the imagination to envision a world in which businesses deliver on 99.99966 percent of their commitments, as factories do with Six Sigma quality methods. Every day, every leader faces opportunities or even pressure to side step the truth, fudge the numbers, play politics, or pass the buck on hard decisions. In the moment, doing the right thing, or doing things right, always seems to cost more. You can read the entire article here: