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ODCE issue Information Notice about printing of directors’ names on company letterhead

08 December 2015

The Office of the Director of Corporate Enforcement (ODCE) has issued Information Notice 1/2015/2 on section 151 of the Companies Act 2014 which requires that details of directors be printed on all business letters on or in which the company name appears.

The details required are:

  • The present Christian name, or the initials thereof, and present surname
  • Any former Christian names and surnames
  • The nationality, if not Irish.

As part of the government initiative in reducing the administrative burden on business, the Information Notice sets out ways for companies to comply with this requirement in a cost effective manner, in particular when directors are either appointed to or resign from the boards of companies.

Specifically, the ODCE advises companies as follows:

  • There is no legal obligation for the directors’ names to be pre-printed on company stationery. In addition, while such information must be legible, there are no rules as to the format, font or size of the text, as long as such text is legible.
  • For most companies, there should be technological solutions available to overcome any potential administrative costs that may be incurred should there be a change to the composition of the board. In particular, company stationery can be ordered without any directors’ names printed, but these may be subsequently added when such stationery is used.
  • When printing letters, use may be made of the footer available in electronic word processing programmes such as Microsoft Word. Directors’ names can be placed in the footer, where they will then be printed when the letter is printed, and can be easily amended without any need to dispose of stationery.
  • Companies may also choose to implement other alternatives, such as placing labels on each letter covering the original directors’ names with the revised list, or blanking out the name of a director who has resigned from the company