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The role of the company secretary in fund management companies under CP86

The Role of the Company Secretary in fund management companies in Ireland

The Company Secretary has a key role to play in Fund Management companies under CP86 requirements.  In his recent article in G&C magazine, Gavin Coleman, Director of Financial Administration Services and Compliance at Matheson writes in detail on these requirements.

The article sets out the background to the legislation which imposes obligations in respect of a relevant entity board’s oversight of its management functions as well as outlining the rules pertaining to corporate governance requirements, including document management.  Boards are required to put a policy in place to address these record-keeping and retention requirements.

The objectives of the regulatory requirements are to:

  • support the Relevant Entity’s administrative and operational requirements, including adherence to and compliance with, the CP86 Records Regulatory Requirements
  • ensure preservation of, and access, to the Records
  • promote day-to-day efficiency and robust management of the Records
  • ensure timely dissemination of the Records on request from the Central Bank
  • ensure timely destruction of the Records that no longer need to be retained.

In his article, Gavin describes the requirements in detail, timescales, the considerations that a board must take into account, the practical steps involved and most importantly the role of the Company secretary in overseeing this process.

To see the full article click here.

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