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Conference lays to rest worries about CRO deadlines

01 June 2015 by John Burns

We had a great question and answer session at the ICSA Annual Conference that followed on from an excellent and really detailed presentation from Maureen O'Sullivan, Registrar of Companies at Companies Registration Office (CRO), just one of a series of really informative sessions at this year’s annual ‘bash’.

One thing that is noticeable about ICSA conferences is the interaction from members. Each session saw question and after question being asked – a real sign, we hope, of the relevance of our conferences. After all, that’s what they’re about.

Even though the 150 plus delegates (our largest ever conference) were tired as they came to the end of a long day full of very, very detailed discussions about the new Companies Act, their interest perked up no end when Maureen was asked the question, ‘How much leeway will the CRO give in filing details for the hundreds of thousands of companies that need to be re-registered?’.

There was a very nervous laugh across the audience before she answered. With today’s deadline, the Bank Holiday weekend could have given the term a ‘long-weekend’ the wrong meaning all together with thousands of re-registrations still to be made. But there was an audible sigh of relief when, to paraphrase, Maureen said that her staff would be ‘accommodating’ and that her own staff felt the pressure of trying to do so much, in so little time, with such limited resources.

Like so many in the public sector the CRO aim to deliver the best possible outcome, allowing for the ‘last minuteism’ that is part of the Irish DNA (or more likely ‘AFTER the last minute’) while still reminding us not to mess around. The new law is the new law as from today. Good luck with it.

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