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News releases

ICSA advises Irish firms to prepare for continuing market uncertainty in the face of Brexit

02 March 2017

Market uncertainty about Brexit will continue for the foreseeable future and Irish firms need to mitigate the risks as best as possible a packed audience of governance, risk and compliance professionals was told this morning at an event looking at the next steps arising from the UK’s vote to leave the EU last June. Organised by the Irish Region of ICSA: The Governance Institute and hosted by William Fry, the ‘Brexit – What Next?’ event highlighted the need for businesses to remain focused as the future of Ireland’s relationship with the UK will not be settled within the two-year timeframe suggested by Article 50. Read more

Clerys’ former CEO PJ Timmins agrees that workers’ treatment was ‘grossly insensitive and appalling’

03 June 2016

Speaking at the annual conference in Dublin of ICSA: The Governance Institute on 24 May, former Clerys plc’s chief executive PJ Timmins agreed with Taoiseach Enda Kenny’s description of Clerys’ treatment of workers as ‘grossly insensitive and appalling’ and questioned the morality of separating assets and liabilities. While legally right, what took place at the former jewel in Ireland’s department store crown was morally and ethically wrong according to Mr Timmins. Read more

Former Vice President of FIFA to address governance issues at conference

05 May 2016

ICSA: The Governance Institute has announced that Jim Boyce, former Vice President of FIFA, will provide a personal perspective on the importance of increasing accountability and ensuring good governance in the world of sport when he speaks at ICSA’s annual conference in Dublin on 24 May 2016. Read more

Irish twins: the future face of governance?

26 February 2016

Dubliners Ruth and Rebecca Keating took first and second prize respectively in a brand new competition designed to encourage fresh approaches to governance. Read more

2016: governance and compliance set to reign

01 February 2016

According to ICSA: The Governance Institute, 2016 will be a significant year for Irish companies from a corporate governance and compliance standpoint. With the economy growing strongly and records for 2015 showing the highest level of new company registrations since the onset of the recession, there is plenty of reason for optimism across the corporate landscape. Read more

New President at the helm of governance body

07 August 2015

ICSA, the professional body responsible for governance and the qualifying body for chartered secretaries, has appointed Frank Curtiss President of its United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland and Associated Territories ‘UKRIAT’ Division, effective 1 August 2015. Read more

‘Trust your governance guardians' global leadership expert urges Ireland

23 October 2014

These days, trust and transparency, or the lack of them, are headline news. Companies, charities and public bodies all need help to put the right governance arrangements in place, but where does the responsibility lie?. Read more

Data Protection Commissioner says firms need binding written contracts delineating controller and processor roles for GDPR

Dublin, 10 October 2017 – Speaking today at a General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) event organised by the Irish Region of ICSA: The Governance Institute at the Dublin offices of William Fry, Data Protection Commissioner Helen Dixon FCIS said that a key challenge for company secretaries and others involved in managing personal data will be recognising whether their role comprises being a ‘data controller’ or a ‘data processor’. She urged organisations to understand the key elements of both roles and then have binding written contracts in place that delineate these responsibilities. Read more