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The effective board meeting

The board of any organisation is the key forum at which strategy is agreed, performance monitored and executive actions held to account on behalf of its stakeholders. Therefore in an environment where boards are challenged with busy agendas, it is essential that boards optimise the use of the time allowed and intellectual capital of its members. As such, boards need to focus on the factors that can contribute to an effective discussion, including the way board members interact and work together to ensure sound decision-making.

How good are we at doing this? Do we enable strategic thinking, thoughtful questioning and careful weighing-up of risks and opportunities at board meetings?

In this interactive and practical session we will be looking at the importance of ‘mundane’ tasks (often referred as ‘hygiene’ factors) as prompts or ‘check- list’ for the Company Secretary – along with some of the 'social mistakes' that we encounter surprisingly often. If neglected they can often have a negative impact, but if tackled, can have a transformative effect. Board meetings therefore need to be well thought through as the small things make a difference.

The session will be led by Richard Sheath, Partner, Independent Audit Limited. Richard has extensive experience in governance effectiveness built up over the past fifteen years since founding Independent Audit Limited.

Richard’s session begins at 3.05pm.

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