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Subsidiary Governance – the challenge for company secretaries

You can’t just take the Corporate Governance Code and expect subsidiary boards simply to act as lower-level versions of the group board. Although they have some things in common, the characteristics of subsidiary governance are too significant to gloss over.

Subsidiary companies are legally separate, with their own boards and management teams. How well equipped are company secretaries to manage the governance challenges of their subsidiary boards? How do we ensure consistency of transparency and accountability across all group subsidiaries?

In this highly practical session we will be looking at how company secretaries can approach the challenge of subsidiary governance, starting from a high-level and then working down into the detail.

The session will focus on how to: 

  • work out your governance objectives and opportunities
  • assist in determining what role the board structures play
  • put together a framework with a clear statement of role as agreed with the Group – in doing so thinking through the practical consequences. 

The session will be led by Richard Sheath, Partner, Independent Audit Limited who has extensive experience of working in subsidiary governance management.

Richard’s session begins at 3.40pm.

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