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How to make Impact with your presentations

Great presenters speak with confidence, charm, and conviction and make it sound as though they're presenting just to you. How do they do it?

It’s down to Presentation Impact - present like you mean it. At this year’s conference Hugh Vivian, from RockSALT will lead a practical session on the difference between a good presentation and a mediocre one and why some presentations are more impactful than others. Presenting with confidence and clarity is not an innate skill, yet with practice and training anyone can learn to deliver presentations that make an impression.

In this session Hugh will examine how to overcome factors that impede success, and will look at the techniques and skills needed to deliver effective, high quality presentations.

Hugh Vivian is Managing Director of RockSALT which has been working closely on coaching and personal development programmes with many leading edge companies over the past 14 years.

For further information on RockSALT click here.

Don’t miss this session which takes place at 2.10 pm and is repeated again at 3.40pm.

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