EQS Group

EQS Group is a leading international technology provider for Corporate Compliance and Investor Relations. More than 8,000 companies worldwide use EQS Group’s offerings to fulfill complex national and international disclosure obligations, to minimize risk, and to reach stakeholders.

EQS Group is a digital single-source provider for global teams. EQS Group’s products and services include regulatory news distribution, insider list management and an innovative whistleblowing and case management software. These are integrated within a cloud-based platform, the EQS COCKPIT, to streamline the workflows of company secretaries and compliance teams.

EQS Group was founded in 2000 in Munich, Germany. Today, the group employs over 450 professionals around the globe and has offices in the world’s key financial markets.

W: https://www.eqs.com
E: viviane.joynes@eqs.com
P: 020 3141 3940

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