Continuing Professional Development

What is CPD?

The ICSA defines CPD as ‘the maintenance, enhancement and continuous improvement of knowledge, skills and abilities. Undertaking CPD allows you to keep your knowledge and business skills up to date, develop your personal skills, support professional growth and may further your career.  The focus of CPD is firmly on results – the benefits that professional development can bring you in the real world.’

Why did the ICSA introduce mandatory CPD?

As the professional body for Chartered Secretaries and Administrators, ICSA has responsibility to set and maintain standards for the profession in addition to supporting you as a Member throughout your career.

In order to ensure good standing and professionalism for Chartered Secretaries and to support you in developing the tools you need to grow in line with industry needs, mandatory CPD was introduced for Members with effect from August 2011.

Demonstrating CPD can assure your employer that you are professionally competent and committed to your own development. It can also provide you with a number of benefits.

Who has to do CPD?

All Members are required to carry out mandatory CPD with the following exceptions:

  • Retired Members paying the retired fee

  • Retired Members registered as Life Members

  • Members who have been granted a reduced rate subscription

If you are unable to undertake CPD due to any other extenuating circumstances you will be able to discuss this with the CPD team, see the main ICSA website for details.

If you are elected to Membership part way through the subscription year you will not need to satisfy CPD requirements until the next full year of membership.

Students and ICSA graduates are not required to satisfy the Institute’s CPD requirements under the new scheme. However, the ICSA strongly recommend that all students/graduates carry out and monitor their CPD activities as this can be incredibly beneficial in helping improve your knowledge and skills and therefore in furthering your career.

What are the requirements of the scheme?

In common with other large Chartered professional bodies, the ICSA CPD scheme is based on an hours-based system. You are required to complete a MINIMUM of 20 hours CPD per year. The CPD year will run alongside the subscription year from 1 August to 31 July.  

There are two different types of CPD under the ICSA scheme: formal CPD and informal CPD. You are required to complete a MINIMUM of 5 hours formal CPD. The remaining 15 hours can either be made up from further formal CPD or it can be informal CPD.


Formal CPD involves participating in organised activities such as courses, seminars, workshops, updates, conferences and panel/group meetings that have appropriate content for Chartered Secretaries and where attendance at the event can be evidenced. A wide range of courses and activities will be suitable for your CPD needs. Courses can be undertaken by face to face tuition, online or via other electronic forms of delivery. Attendance at the events and presentations organised by the Guernsey branch can count towards your formal CPD requirements.

Informal CPD involves activities you can undertake yourself, including experiential and workplace learning, reading and research. It may be difficult for a third party to evidence this type of CPD so you need to keep your own records.  Examples of both types can be found on the ICSA website.


You must record all your CPD activities, keep supporting evidence and, if requested, submit your CPD log and evidence to ICSA.

The main information you need to record is as follows:

  • What type of CPD the activity falls into (formal or informal)

  • The name of the course or event, if applicable

  • What the activity involved

  • The date/s you completed the activity

  • How many hours you spent on the activity

  • Your feedback/thoughts on the activity – what you learnt and how this has helped you/will help you


ICSA provides an online CPD log in the ‘My ICSA’ area of the website which you can use to record your CPD.

They recognise, however, that you may already be recording your CPD elsewhere (such as an employer’s log or other professional body’s log) and it is not generally compulsory to use the ICSA log.


You will need to keep evidence of all your CPD for at least 3 years. The ICSA may, as part of their monitoring process, ask to see this. Further guidance regarding acceptable evidence is available on the website.


At the end of each CPD year you will need to complete an annual declaration, stating that you have fulfilled the ICSA CPD requirements.  This must be completed by 31 July each year although you can complete this earlier if you have already carried out your 20 hours’ CPD.


At the end of the CPD year ICSA will carry out a monitoring check and any Members who have not completed the required CPD will be contacted and advised accordingly.


Guernsey Branch Council will provide a sign in sheet at events and you are encouraged to sign in. The sign in sheets will be retained by Guernsey Branch Council, who will use those records to confirm attendance for CPD if requested to do so by the ICSA.

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