Governance professional of the year

This award is given to either an individual who has shown exceptional performance in advancing governance, risk and compliance activities within their organisation. Areas that the judges will consider include, but are not limited to: All areas of corporate governance and compliance; and evidence of risk management including legal, regulatory, financial, human and reputational risk. Also, regulatory filings locally and internationally; where applicable, annual reports or how the business demonstrates its performance and accountability to its stakeholders; sustainability development, and any other areas of the company's risk and compliance operations that are considered to be relevant.

In order to be eligible for this award, at least one fully qualified ICSA member should be part of the team.

Your entry for this award should cover:

  • How the nominee has developed their role and contributed towards achieving both departmental and organisational objectives;
  • How the nominee has contributed to improving the governance of their organisation;
  • Additional responsibilities the nominee has taken on, and any high-profile projects that have had a materially positive impact;
  • How the nominee has demonstrated effective team and thought leadership, and excelled in dealing with legal and regulatory compliance;
  • How the nominee has added value to the organisation by developing and sustaining strong relationships internally and externally; and
  • Anything else relevant to why you feel the nominee deserves to win this award.

View the questions asked for this category before making your nomination.

Nominations close on Monday 14 September 2020. If you have any questions about the nomination or judging process please get in touch.

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We ask for your contact details in case there are any questions about your nomination, and to let you know the results. We will use the details you provide for the nominee to seek their consent to participate. All personal information will be treated with respect. It will not be shared with anyone else or used for any other purpose.

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  • Company law, regulation and compliance
  • Corporate governance and shareholder relations
  • Corporate transactions and restructuring
  • Information managements and communication
  • Leadership and management
  • Innovation


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