Corporate services officer of the year

This individual award will be given to a Corporate Services Officer who plays an effective and added-value role within the team and company in which they work.

Judges will consider the nominee's mastery of the complex legal and regulatory environment and will recognise their use and development of best-practise in the fulfilment of their role. Applications are invited in relation to individuals working with private, public or not-for-profit organisations.

Your entry for this award should cover:

  • How the nominee has developed their role and contributed towards achieving both departmental and organisational objectives;
  • How the nominee has contributed to improving the governance of their organisation;
  • Additional responsibilities the nominee has taken on, and any high-profile projects that have had a materially positive impact;
  • How the nominee has demonstrated effective team and thought leadership, and excelled in dealing with legal and regulatory compliance;
  • How the nominee has added value to the organisation by developing and sustaining strong relationships internally and externally; and
  • Anything else relevant to why you feel the nominee deserves to win this award.

Nominations close on Saturday 30 September 2017. If you have any questions about the nomination or judging process please get in touch.

Your data
We ask for your contact details in case there are any questions about your nomination, and to let you know the results. We will use the details you provide for the nominee to seek their consent to participate. All personal information will be treated with respect. It will not be shared with anyone else or used for any other purpose.

Nomination form

Step 1 of 3: Your details


Step 2 of 3: Who are you nominating?


Step 3 of 3: Why do you think the nominee should win this award?

  • You may want to include examples of additional responsibilities the nominee has taken on, as well as any high-profile projects that have had a materially positive impact.
  • You may want to provide detail on the nominee’s areas of responsibility, and any governance, risk or compliance processes that have been implemented or improved under their guidance.
  • You may want to provide specific examples where the nominee has provided outstanding support to senior staff and/or the board, as well as their positive influence on junior members of the team.
  • Consider how the nominee has demonstrated effective team and thought leadership in their role – for example, by leading the team through a challenging period or delivering results beyond the expectations of their role.
  • Show how the nominee has not only fulfilled their regulatory obligations but also used their skills and initiative to add value to the organisation.
  • You may want to tell us about the personal attributes of the candidate and how they are regarded within their organisation.
  • Has the candidate influenced and shaped the wider profession in any way?



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