The Company Secretary as Changemaker

A series of six workshops run by the Chartered Governance Institute.


The Company Secretary as Changemaker is a series of six workshops examining the role of the company secretary in driving and enabling change in the boardroom of the 21st century, and the skills and aptitudes they are developing to undertake that role.

The first session in the series will be on the theme, Creating, innovating and thinking strategically. In this evening session, our panellists will explore how, though a combination of influence, leadership & creative thinking company secretaries can become essential assets to the organisations for which they work. We ask, what does it mean to be an innovator? How can company secretaries move beyond playing a compliance role to demonstrate creativity? And what exactly is the secretary’s role with regard to formulating and enabling strategy?

The second session will explore the theme, Embracing technology. In this breakfast session, our panellists will share their thoughts on the opportunities that technological change has brought to company secretaries, the challenges that have gone with it – and the challenges that lie ahead. We ask, how is the secretarial function evolving in an increasingly digital, connected world? What mindset will company secretaries need to make the most of what the future holds? And what new skills and aptitudes will they need to develop?

Sessions and dates

4 December 2019 Chapter 1 Creating, innovating and thinking strategically
29 January 2020  Chapter 2

Embracing technology

11 March 2020 Chapter 3

Managing behaviours in the boardroom

15 April 2020 Chapter 4

Changing the world

20 May 2020 Chapter 5

Empowering yourself, inspiring others

23 June 2020 Chapter 6

Championing good governance

Booking information

You can be a changemaker. If you are a company secretary or governance professional and would like to join us, email our Marketing Team to register your interest.

In your email please include the date of the session you wish to attend, as well as your name, job title, company name and phone number

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