The implications of not centralising your corporate records


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How accurate, really, are spreadsheets – particularly as a tool for effective governance? According to research from Deloitte, nearly a quarter of all spreadsheets contain errors, and boards are potentially exposing their companies to financial and reputational damage. Examples abound of organisations with very sophisticated risk management controls who nonetheless have overlooked this most ubiquitous of tools as a source of risk.

Join us for this webinar in which our speakers explore why spreadsheet risk continues to be an issue and reflect on the implications of not centralising corporate record. We draw upon some real-life stories of organisations who disregarded this risk and got their fingers burned. We also examine how the biggest companies in the world are taking a new approach by implementing a single source of truth to gain a competitive edge.


Your speakers for this webinar include Andrew Harker, Regional Sales Director of Diligent Entities and Marla Balicao, Secretariat and Governance Manager at Gazeley.


Please note: This is part 2 of a 3 part series.

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Price: Free

Date: 24 June 2020

Timing: 12:30pm - 1.15pm

CPD Hours: 1 hour

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