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The ICSA Technology Conference: focus on cyber security

Technology Conference: focus on cyber security 2016


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Recent ICSA research of FTSE 350 company boards found that 82% considered cybercrime as their main operational risk. But do directors and those that advise them, really understand the threats that their companies face? If not how can they effectively mitigate them?

This one day conference, designed specifically for a non-technical audience, aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the various ways your company’s information security could be jeopardised. Delegates will get updates on the latest malware and ransomware technologies, find out how to deal with insider threats and learn the tricks that cyber criminals use to manipulate people (not machines) into revealing sensitive data.

Other sessions include:

  • An interactive cyber-attack scenario 
  • Cyber insurance 
  • Creating a more digitally aware board 
  • Cryptography basics


TimeWhat's on
09:30 Registration and tea/coffee
09.50 Introduction from the chair
Mark Child, 
Managing Director, GLE Consulting Limited
10.00 Ransomware and cyber extortion
Holding corporations to ransom by encrypting key organisational data and demanding payment for its safe return is fast becoming a profitable business for cyber criminals. These forms of cybercrime are constantly evolving and no business – big or small – is immune. Here, we explore how this crime operates, and how the next generation of ransomware poses new threats to organisations.
Martin Lee, Technical Lead, Security Research Team Lead, Talos Outreach EMEA, Cisco
10.30 Incident response: what to do in the event of a cyber breach
So, the hackers have struck. Now what? If they are demanding money, do you pay them? If they’ve stolen vital customer information, what’s your communication plan? Using recent, real world examples, this interactive session explores the key principles of an effective reaction plan.
Mark Child, Managing Director, GLE Consulting Limited
Neil May, Senior Manager, Technology Risk Management, GLE Consulting Limited
11.15 Networking tea and coffee break
11.35 Solving the big ‘Board reporting problem' in cyber
Boards and Executives everywhere are asking what 'cyber' means for them in terms of business risk. Meanwhile security and IT leaders face a multitude of challenges to provide answers and show that investment priorities are justified. What does a strategy look like to solve this and bridge the gap between technology detail and business concerns?
Nik Whitfield, Chief Executive and Founder, Panaseer
12.05 Cyber security insurance
Most experts now say that companies need to start thinking in terms of when, not if, they will become the victim of cyber criminals. As a result the insurance market now has some interesting policies to offer in this area. Here we explore the current trends driving the cyber insurance market and consider what a good cyber insurance policy should include.
Graeme Newman, Chief Innovation Officer, CFC
12.35 Tackling the insider threat
Building strong defences against external cyber threats is important but are of little use when an attack is launched from within your network. In this session, we go beyond the basics and take a look at how an insider threat may arise, what you should be looking for and how to minimise the risk of an inside job.
Garath Lauder, Director, Cyberseer
13.00 Networking lunch break
14.00 Social engineering: the art of the con
The practice of duping people into revealing sensitive data is not a new one. Social engineering is one of the most significant threats facing companies today, providing hackers with an effective route to get around even the best security software. We take a look at various social engineering techniques and how the human factor can pose a higher risk to company security than any other.
Rob Shapland, Penetration Testing Team Manager, First Base Technologies
14.25 Cryptography basics
Technology systems rely heavily on cryptography to keep transactions, records and communications secure, but how does it really work? This live session explores how to crack password protection and delves deeper into code breaking to give you a taste of the main principles of cryptography in order to enhance your understanding of how to keep things secure. 
Dr David Weston, Lecturer, Birkbeck, University of London
14.50 Tokens, Honeypots, Identification Authorisation Services
As the commercial world and civil society jointly reel under the growing onslaught of cyber-attacks, is there an emerging danger of our trust being dangerously eroded with the service providers in our always-connected, on-demand world? If so, and given the acute shortage of experienced, cyber-security technologists, is there an area in which we can focus to optimise our fight-back in a simple, speedy and cost-effective manner?
Ray Dalgarno, Director, CYBERCAST
15.15 Networking tea and coffee break
15.30 New and evolving forms of malware
The rise of the ‘Internet of Things’ presents an unprecedented opportunity for cyber criminals through malicious apps, Trojan horses, ‘headless worms’ and machine to machine attacks. In this session, we gain insight on the latest high growth channels for spreading malware, phishing trends as well as taking a look at the new scams plaguing companies today.
Mark Olding, Senior Enterprise Presales Consultant, Kaspersky Labs
16.00 Closing keynote address
Vicki Gavin, Compliance Director, Head of Business Continuity & Information Security, The Economist Group
16.30 Conference closes


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This conference took place on 4th November 2016

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