Listed Companies Conference

The new governance landscape for PLCs


This conference took place on 13 April 2018

13 April 2018 | 9:00am-1:00pm | America Square Conference Centre, London


Research suggests that since the financial crisis, public trust in big business has remained worryingly low. Many regulators and politicians believe that higher levels of trust can be fostered by improving standards of corporate governance within companies. Whilst the jury is still out on whether better governance will actually lead to improved levels of public trust, we do know that 2018 will see significant efforts to drive new and improved governance practices across UK PLC.

With the Government’s corporate governance reform process well underway and the Financial Reporting Council consulting on changes to the UK Corporate Governance Code, there are already a number of new and potential corporate governance requirements for listed companies to understand. In this conference we dig deeper into some of the main issues for company secretaries and governance professionals for the coming year and beyond. Topics include executive pay and incentives, corporate culture and both current and future reporting and disclosure requirements.


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Chair’s opening remarks

Peter Swabey FCIS, Policy & Research Director, ICSA


Rewriting the Strategic Report: amendments to the official guidance

The FRC‘s consultation on amendments to its guidance on the strategic report closed in October 2017. In this session we look in detail at the new guidance and particularly how it reflects changes in the reporting requirements and strengthens the link between Section 172 of the Companies Act and the strategic report.

Deepa Raval, Director of Narrative Reporting, Financial Reporting Council


The digital future of annual reporting: integrating XBRL

Whilst two million companies in the UK already file financial information for HMRC in XBRL, relatively few listed companies use XBRL for the filing of group accounts. However, the introduction of a European Single Electronic Format will pile more pressure on listed companies to extend the use of XBRL to their annual reports. Here, we look at the advantages and challenges of using this technology and the potential governance implications for boards.

Thomas Toomse-Smith, Project Director, The Financial Reporting Lab


Executive pay and rewards: new requirements and hot topics

Over the past few years, there has been increasing pressure from the media around excessive executive pay. In response, the Government, investors and regulators now want listed companies to publish pay ratios and gender pay gaps as well as widen the remit of remuneration committees. Here we discuss proposed changes, new requirements and how companies should respond.

Colin Leckey, Partner, Lewis Silkin


Networking tea and coffee break

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Measuring, managing and explaining your corporate culture

Despite general acceptance amongst companies that a positive corporate culture can help achieve long-term success and build trust, regulators and investors alike feel more needs to be done to explain how culture is integrated within a company. Here we look at what other companies are doing in this area and what KPI’s you can use to monitor the culture of your organisation.

Liz Sandwith, Chief Professional Practice Advisor, Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors


Investor Perspectives for 2018

Institutional investors expect more from businesses than financial performance and examine in detail the robustness and effectiveness of the corporate governance arrangements of their investee companies. So, what will investors be focusing on in 2018? In this session we find out what boards should be preparing for.

Cynthia Alers, Director and Head of Morrow Sodali UK


Corporate Governance Code update

The Financial Reporting Council's consultation on changes to the UK Corporate Governance Code ends on 28 February. Although the final revisions may not have been announced, our speakers will explore the nature of the responses received and discuss the likely outcomes.

Chris Hodge, Policy Advisor, ICSA


Conference ends followed by a networking lunch

Lunch sponsored by: Brainloop


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