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Monday 11 November 2019


America Square Conference Centre
Cavendish Venues One
17 America Square


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In the emerging digital economy, increasing numbers of organisations are starting to recognise the economic and transformative value that data and data analytics hold.

According to a report published by Gartner in early 2019, in fact, it’s expected that by 2022 as many as 90 per cent of corporate strategies will make reference to data as a critical asset and data analytics as an essential competency. That’s a significant change from the present, though, and to get there will require a big shift in the way organisations think about and use their data.

In this one-day conference, our speakers discuss in detail how organisations can make that shift and recognise the strategic advantage of their data holdings. We look at the vital role data can play in facilitating better decision-making at board level, and consider the challenge of learning to 'talk digital' at all levels of the organisation. And we reflect upon some of the ethical and reputational risks that go hand-in-hand with the digital economy.



Registration, tea/coffee


Chair’s opening remarks


Data and information governance – separated at birth?

Conventional wisdom has it that data governance and information governance are two different things – the one concerning the availability, integrity and security of data, the other the regulations, policies and procedures that underpin the storage and use of information. Yet according to research, there is an increasing overlap between the two. So are they really the same thing? And if so, where does GDPR compliance fit in?


Speaking digital in the boardroom

Conversations about data need to start in the boardroom, and sharing a universal digital language can be invaluable in helping boards to understand the value of their data as a corporate asset. Yet in many organisations, that simply doesn’t happen. In this session, we discuss how organisations can make the cultural shift and drive the new digital language through all levels of the organisation.

Elena Mariotti
, Partner, IBM

10.40 Networking tea and coffee break

Panel discussion – Unlocking data value

Digital technologies such as data analytics and cloud computing are enabling organisations to analyse trends and gain significant insights into market changes at a faster pace than ever before. For boards, that information then has a pivotal role to play in their decision-making. In this session, we discuss the benefits of data driven decision making and how to generate economic value from corporate data.

Miranda Craig FCIS
, Secretariat, Independent Review into the Quality and Effectiveness of Audit


Panel discussion  Reputational risk: shaping the narrative

With platforms like Glassdoor, Amazon, TripAdvisor and trustpilot offering global sounding boards for people to share their opinions on everything from the last book they read to the hotel they holidayed in, the employer they work for or the contractor they just employed, consumers have never been more empowered. So if reputational damage is just one click away, how can you monitor – and manage – what’s said about you online?  

Richard Johnston, 
Company Secretary, Benenden

12.30 Networking lunch

Governance Labs

Join us as three entrepreneurs pitch three different projects (governance, compliance and RegTech) to a jury.


Panel discussion  Data Ethics and Data Bias in the boardroom

In a world where we depend upon machines to feed us with insights into customer behaviours, changes in the market, social and political influences, even stakeholder interests, how can boards ensure that the data they receive is free from bias? Can organisations really be certain of the ethical value of the information they rely upon? And what impact might it be having upon decision-making?

Ghela Boskovich,
Head of Fintech and Regtech Partnerships, Rainmaking Innovation


Panel discussion  User rights and decision-making in the boardroom

As organisations come fully to understand the economic value of the data they hold, so can we expect to see them explore ways of maximising the economic benefit. But how does that work in a post-GDPR world, when users have the right to be compensated by companies who are generating profit as a direct result of their data? We discuss what rights data subjects have with the monetisation of their personal data.

Isabella de Michelis
, CEO and Founder, Earnieapp
Adam Amith-Anthony, Of Counsel, Omnia Strategy


GDPR one year on

GDPR has led to a significant expansion in the workload not just of compliance and governance professionals, but of staffing teams across all organisations and in all sectors. In this session we explore how organisations have gotten to grips with the challenges presented by GDPR in its first year, and look at where the laws on data protection and data management might go next.

16.15 Surprise session
16.35 Closing remarks from Chair
16.40 Conference close

*This is a draft programme and may be subject to change


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