Genius Methods was born out of the desire for good governance at board level. Genius’ services provides the Chairman and the Board with a choice of solutions depending on their governance maturity, stage in the governance life-cycle, industry, Codes, Regulators, culture, leadership, desired outcomes and stakeholder demands.

Genius Methods’ key services are Board Evaluations, Board Development and Director Mentoring. The focus is on independence and the refreshing perspective of external input into the project in a totally practical manner which provides a governance plan and timeline.  Genius  introduces best practice and experience into the process of how the Board wishes to be engaged, its defined continuous improvement outcomes and its focus on being fit for the future. 

This can result in a range of ways that a Board Evaluation can be performed ranging from light touch to in-depth.  We have a number of methods including bespoke multiple choice online questionnaires, interviews, peer reviews, meeting attendance and one to one feedback sessions. The importance is to retain an approach that is robust and rigorous irrespective of depth, size, industry or the engagement points.



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