Nominations for new awards now extended

Awards 2020

For The Chartered Governance Institute Awards 2020, we announced two new exciting – as well as highly significant – awards in May 2020. As we are taking our awards into a virtual environment this year, we have been able to extend the deadline for nominations for the 2020 Awards. You now have until Sunday, 20 September to help us celebrate those who've made an exceptional contribution to governance, and those who have gone above and beyond in their roles to encourage, support and lead in the adoption of effective governance. Please head to our awards site to make your nominations.

ESG Initiative of the Year

Although it is difficult to pinpoint an exact time in history when ESG concerns as a driver of investment came about, it is fair to say that investors taking these three factors as seriously as they deserve to be is a relatively recent phenomenon. It's now become something that is simply too prominent to ignore.

'Academic evidence shows a clear link between ESG and investment performance. In the past, companies have not always been good at advertising the good work that they are doing, but this is changing as companies are more acutely aware that investors are looking with greater interest at their ESG credentials.' 

As highlighted here by our Media Relations Manager, Maria Brookes, ESG – environment, social and governance – factors continue to gain traction, and in our previous awards, we have honoured examples of excellent reporting in this area.

That being said, it's easy to forget that in the year of COVID-19, we've also seen environmental disaster, social negligence from organisations and serious governance shortcomings. While it's easy to focus on such failings, there are also undoubtedly organisations that will have excelled on ESG issues over the past year. We want to hear from you about them. In particular, we are looking for an outstanding ESG initiative, one that demonstrates things such as close alignment of ESG concerns with organisational strategy, the use of ESG data to inform decision-making, and efforts to address problems with supply chains, human trafficking and exploitation, or the organisation's carbon footprint.

Read the full award description and make your nomination here.


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