The post-COVID-19 leadership challenge to directors

As a director, you are required to follow your legal duties, but in our rapidly changing and challenging world, you are also required to be able and ready to respond to a much wider and increasing expectation from a breadth of different stakeholders.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the speed with which directors of companies are often required to make decisions. As we move into a world that has been subdued and distressed by not just the human cost, but by a revolutionary lockdown and the ceasing of many business activities, the economic, people and operational challenges that lie ahead will need directors who are ready for that challenge.

Our new Checklist books are written in a practical and challenging manner to help you, as a director, to get to the heart of the questions that you need to be asking before you make those impactful decisions. They are designed to give you short sharp checklists, focus and challenge on more than 100 of the core leadership requirements from directors. Although similar in style and content, the two books deliver a different nuance and focus dependent upon whether you are a Non-Executive Director or an Executive Director.

The Checklists are neither prescriptive nor exclusive, but we are confident that there are many useful entries for every director irrespective of type or size of organisation.

Mark Wearden

Mark Wearden has run MBS Governance for the past 23 years, following 12 years in International Banking as an analyst, and eight years in the industry as a finance director. He is an experienced Non-Executive Director and an Audit Committee Advisor. He undertakes director and board mentoring, handles a range of academic work, and delivers public workshops, seminars and lectures for professional bodies, together with ‘in-house’ programmes for client organisations.


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