We have to be the change we want in the world

These words of Mahatma Gandhi have never been more pertinent as our companies and our economy emerge from the COVID-19 crisis. There has never been a clearer requirement for strong and challenging leadership from the directors of every organisation – public, private, not-for-profit, charitable, third-sector.

This leadership from directors requires a close but rapid assessment of the particular idiosyncrasies and problems being faced by each individual organisation, aligned to a clarity of understanding of the legal, social, political and stakeholder expectations.

Our new ‘Executive Director Checklists’ and ‘Non-Executive Director Checklists’ will help each and every director to focus on the core questions that underpin more than 100 different dimensions of the role requirement. Although similar in style and content, the two books deliver a different nuance and focus dependent upon whether you are a Non-Executive Director or an Executive Director.

Effective companies require effective strategic thinking, and this, in turn, requires effective directors. Journalists are using the phrase ‘new normality’, but that means we are moving into a world that has been changed from many different perspectives. Our Checklists will help you, as a director, to quickly challenge yourself and those around you to make sure that you do more than just tick the boxes. They are written in a short sharp and challenging manner to help you ask the right questions of yourselves and of those around you.

Mark Wearden

Mark Wearden has run MBS Governance for the past 23 years, following 12 years in International Banking as an analyst, and eight years in the industry as a finance director. He is an experienced Non-Executive Director and an Audit Committee Advisor. He undertakes director and board mentoring, handles a range of academic work, and delivers public workshops, seminars and lectures for professional bodies, together with ‘in-house’ programmes for client organisations.


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