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The Chartered Governance Institute

Governance Professional of the Year

Oversight for effective governance is not just the work of the company secretary. Across all parts of the economy, dedicated individuals in a variety of roles are having a very positive impact on the governance of their organisations.

This award celebrates that achievement and recognises those individuals who have made a positive and sustained contribution, who have gone above and beyond to encourage, support or even lead the adoption of effective governance. They may have built powerful relationships with a variety of stakeholders, or taken on a high-profile project that had a materially positive impact, or demonstrated effective leadership in the achievement of departmental and organisational objectives.

This category is open to anyone in a governance role who isn’t a company secretary as such. Heads, or directors of governance would qualify, for example, as would trustees, non-executives and others whose work has a strong governance focus. The judges are particularly interested in individuals who can demonstrate an impressive range of achievements during the year.

2019 award winners

2019 Winner:

Wendy Stanger, East Coast College

2020 Sponsor: