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Using social media to connect with your stakeholders

Trustees and board members have a responsibility to be open and accountable to their stakeholders and beneficiaries, yet the work they do is not always properly understood. This is not always helpful, particularly in the current climate where charities have experienced a loss of public trust through some very public governance failings. Help could be at hand at the click of a button, however.

Mark Flannagan, CEO of Beating Bowel Cancer and Kathi Hall, Content and Strategy Lead at Age UK will be showing delegates how social media can be used to communicate the work of the board in order to win back public trust. They will demonstrate how it can help to build confidence and raise the profile of both a charity and its trustees. In this interactive workshop session, delegates will discuss methods for improving transparency through new, innovative platforms and get to grips with the idea of using social media to connect more effectively with your charity’s stakeholders. ‘The transparency debate: using social media’ session will be at 14:30 on Wednesday 5th July.

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