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Lord Owen warns against the dangers of hubristic behaviour in directors 01-03-2017

We are delighted to welcome the Rt Hon Lord Owen, former Health and Foreign Secretary and EU peace negotiator, to speak at this year’s conference. Lord Owen is speaking in his capacity as Chairman of Trustees of the Daedalus Trust – a charity that promotes research into personality changes associated with the exercise of power in all walks of life.

Power corrupts, as the saying goes, and out-of-control egos, reckless decision-making, arrogance and contempt for others could suggest leaders in the grip of ‘Hubris Syndrome’. Hubris Syndrome has the capacity to destroy economic value, ruin careers, subvert great ideas and institutions, and take lives in unnecessary wars and accidents that could have been anticipated.

Lord Owen has recently written that “For all the money and time a business spends on risk management, it needs to devote at least as much effort to research personality and behaviour.” In his address, he will be sharing some of the insights that the Trust has formed in its research into how Hubris Syndrome inhibits good decision making. Drawing on real case studies that demonstrate where hubris has led to some significant mistakes, Lord Owen will also identify ways in which excessive egos in the boardroom might be kept in check.

To discover more about this fascinating and highly relevant topic, visit the Daedalus Trust website.

Lord Owen’s session will be at 15:30 on Tuesday 4th July.

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