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The company secretary as changemaker

Many people desire change, but few actually act to make change happen. While it can be easy to pinpoint what you dislike about the way something is done, it is often much harder to come up with a solution to improve things, which is why genuine changemakers are few and far between.

Identifying a problem or an opportunity requires empathy. If you can’t envisage your solution being one that will improve the lives of others and not just yourself, you are unlikely to be labelled a changemaker. To envisage change and then do something about it so that what existed before is replaced by something better requires knowledge, resources and most of all determination.

Most often, when people think of changemakers, they think of those people who have led social change, such as American lorry drivers preventing human trafficking or those fighting for children’s rights in India. Changemaking doesn’t need to be restricted to social change, however, it can also be applied at work with changemakers finding innovative ways to solve problems and identifying new ways of working.

The modern workplace is fast-paced and transformative, with agile working that requires people to adapt quickly to new situations. Technology has shaped the working world beyond all recognition and with the fourth industrial revolution still underway there is definitely more change to come.

Join us on Tuesday 9 July at 1.30pm on day 1 of the Annnual Conference, as a panel of experts consider how the company secretary can act as a changemaker and take advantage of what the future can offer.

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