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Genius Boards

At Genius Boards, we believe that the most effective Boards don’t come about by accident, rather, they are realised through careful analysis and the application of intelligent and creative design.
Rigorous board evaluation lies at the heart of what we do, and it is our in-depth understanding of board behaviour making for good governance and a healthy culture that makes us the best in class at what we do. Board effectiveness comes from a multitude of interactions, and we prioritise interpersonal skills and communication equally with technical skills, industry expertise and structural design, to achieve the optimal levels of decision making that will enable your Board to transcend its limitations and achieve true excellence.

High integrity enables us to create a ‘safe’ place to discuss tough issues with our clients’ leadership. Our approach is to be honest, transparent, forthright and always ethical. We help boards from FTSE 100 organisations through to SME companies find a better way of operating and provide the support necessary to enable a strong and healthy culture to flourish and play its part in board and organisation success.


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We are looking forward to welcoming you to the 2020 Annual Conference. Be sure to mark your calendar and join us on 14 -15 July 2020.

If you need any help, please contact the events team or call on: +44 (0)20 7580 4741