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Electoral Reform Services (ERS)

As the UK’s leading provider of independent election and ballot services, we offer a wealth of experience in delivering robust voting processes underpinned by good governance.

We know what it takes to engage voters and our experienced teams coordinate around 3000 voting projects every year, from nominations to the final count. Votes are cast using a combination of paper ballots, handheld voting at AGMs, proxy votes and online voting. Over a third of our voting projects use ERSvotes platform, our online voting platform, and this proportion is growing. We are also often called upon to act as independent scrutineer, adding credibility to results.

Our sister company, Modern.gov, champions the use of technology for good governance with its meeting management system for meeting organisers and paperless meeting app for committee members.

Find out how ERS and Modern.gov can help you manage your elections and deliver transparent governance.

www.electoralreform.co.uk Tel: 020 8829 8422
www.moderngov.co.uk Tel: 01730 895 777

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