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ICSA Uganda was launched in June 2008. Its objectives are to:

  • be the area organisation for members, graduates and students of ICSA in Uganda.
  • provide opportunities for discussion and communication between members, graduates and students.
  • help ICSA to advance the profession of the chartered secretary in Uganda.
  • promote international best practice in corporate governance, business ethics and corporate social responsibility in Uganda.
  • represent ICSA in dealings with the Uganda Government and other public bodies.
  • co-operate with other professional or representative bodies on matters of common interest.
  • carry out activities for the furtherance of the aims of ICSA.
  • provide support for ICSA students in their studies and exams, and organise events that provide continuing professional development to ICSA members, graduates and students in Uganda.
  • set up appropriate networking sub-groups on subjects of interest to facilitate the sharing of knowledge, ideas and experience.
  • hold conferences and seminars for the discussion of professional subjects.
  • award local prizes for excellence in the profession and in the ICSA examinations within Uganda.
  • promote standards of professional conduct for members of the profession.


ICSA Uganda are pleased to offer the following services:

  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) workshops are offered locally on subjects important to ICSA Uganda members and to other professionals who are working here in Uganda. Please contact ICSA Uganda for details.
  • Members are now able to renew their annual membership for ICSA at the ICSA Uganda office.
  • Students can register for their ICSA examinations locally through the ICSA Uganda office.
  • Member and student queries can be resolved through ICSA Uganda who will deal with them direct or forward them to ICSA London as appropriate.
  • Student’s academic documents for submission to ICSA London, as a pre-requisite for registration, can be certified at the ICSA Uganda offices.

Contact Uganda

ICSA Uganda office
BMk House within Hotel Africana
Plot 4-5 Nyabong Road,
Wampewo Avenue.

Tel: 0312517348 or 0777595780 


For membership and study enquiries please contact the student and membership team:


For branch support and event queries please contact the branch support team

Upcoming events

To register your interest in attending any of these events, please contact ICSA Uganda by email:

5 September

ICT Governance

  • Roles and responsibilities of the board in ICT governance
  • How the company secretary can foster an ICT governance culture
  • The supporting framework: policies and manuals
  • Embracing e-processes: board meetings, decision making and board packs
  • ICT risk
  • Trends and best practice: how other companies and jurisdictions embrace it
19 September

Practice session for company secretary

  • Reporting to your board: putting together the board pack/board paper
  • Preparing a board manual/charter and terms of reference of board committees
  • The company secretary as the board communicator
  • Tips on how to manage the 'independence' of the company secretary
  • The debate - in-house secretary versus the external (outsourced) company
3 October 

Board & Director evaluation

  • Making the most of eoard evaluation
  • Measuring the effectiveness of your board, methods of board evaluations
  • Tools for assessment of the board
  • The company secretary’s role in board evaluation
24 October

Skills for effective corporate secretary practice

  • Skills needed to manage relationships within a governance system
  • How a company secretary can help a Chairman manage conflict
  • Good practices, processes and procedures for company secretaries with regards to effective board meetings
  • Skills and techniques a company secretary needs to support a productive working climate during a board meeting.
  • Soft skills for the CS, influencing skills of CS, negotiation skills, communication skills, EQ skills
7 November

Good financial management for non-accountants

  • Structuring the organisation for financial strength
  • Understanding company financial reports
  • Financial decisions: understanding their impact
  • Financing the mission
  • Budgeting and resource management
21 November

Corporate governance in the non-corporate sector (non-governmental organisation)

  • Principles
  • Contextualising corporate governance in the non-traditional corporate sectors
  • Benchmarking against recommended best practice in other jurisdictions
  • Accountability to stakeholders
12 December

Seminar for external company secretaries on governance and best practice

  • An update on trends
  • A review of the role of the company secretary in the companies act and the implications
  • Building knowledge of the role of the board, directors and their duties
  • Panel discussion
  • Review of case studies

Contact Uganda

ICSA Uganda office
BMk House within Hotel Africana
Plot 4-5 Nyabong Road,
Wampewo Avenue.

Tel: 0312517348 or 0777595780 


For membership and study enquiries please contact the student and membership team:


For branch support and event queries please contact the branch support team

Previous events

Students event

Date: Tuesday 13 March 2018

Jane Bitek Langoya, ICSA Uganda branch Chairman, and Theresa Minnie, ICSA Head of Outreach presented an update on the forthcoming changes to the Chartered Secretaries Qualifying Scheme.


Corporate Gorvernance For Private Sector Growth

Date: Wednesday 14 March 2018

Different studies have been carried out around the need for corporate governance in Uganda and one question remains; how can we use corporate governance practices to lead to growth of businesses and companies in the private sector?

ICSA Uganda and Capital Markets Authority (CMA) considered this important question at the 7th Annual Directors and Company Secretaries Conference.

The Guest of Honour was the Hon. David Bahati, the Minister of State for Finance, Planning and Economic Development. The keynote address was delivered by Mr. Andrew Kasirye, Chairman of the Uganda Retirement Benefits Regulatory Authority and Partner at Kasirye, Byaruhanga & Company Advocates.

View for more information and conference programme.


The ICSA and CMA 6th Annual Directors and Company Secretaries Conference

Date: Wednesday 22 March 2017

Key note speaker: Mrs. Justine Bagyenda, Director of Supervision for the Bank of Uganda

For further information, please contact:; 03125 17348; 0777 595780


2016 ICSA Uganda Graduation

Date: Monday 21 November 2016

Students gathered as they were commemorated for graduating with ICSA 


ICSA Uganda Conference, Graduation and 125 Anniversary Event


2016 ICSA Uganda Conference

Data: Tuesday 22 November 2016

This year's conference theme was Good Citizenship: building strong brands through socially responsible investment and corporate culture. 

View the programme 


Good Financial Management for Non-accountants

Date: Wednesday 16 November 2016
Exploring ways in which the structure of an organization can have benefits for financial strength.


Board Composition and Succession Planning

Date: Thursday 27 October 2016 
The event will provide the following:

  • Describe the different types and sizes of Boards
  •  Identify the characteristics and benefits of a balanced board
  •  Explain the processes for Directors’ selection, appointment and departure 
  • Develop a succession plan for the Board


Board Evaluation

Date: Thursday 6 October 2016
This session looked at:

  • Identifying the key elements of board evaluations and issues arising from them 
  • Preparation for conducting of a Board Evaluation: methods and approaches


Running an Effective Board Meeting

Date: Wednesday 5 October 2016

This session will explain the preparation required for during and after a meeting, whilst exploring:

  • What constitutes an effective Meeting
  • How the agenda is used to improve Board effectiveness and enable a productive meeting


Running an Effective Meeting

Date: 28 September 2016
This session will explain the part played by the Company Secretary in preparing for, during and after a meeting, whilst exploring:

  • What constitutes an effective Meeting
  •  How the agenda is used to improve Board effectiveness and enable a productive meeting 


Strategic Business Growth Management

Date: 21 June 2016 
Venue: BMK House, Hotel Africana 2nd floor suite 9 
Facilitators: Mr Elijah Sebalamu and Mrs Jane Okot Biek Langoya


4th Annual Directors & Company Secretaries Conference

Date: 26 February 2015
The theme for the conference was Access to Finance through Good Governance

Contact Uganda

ICSA Uganda office
BMk House within Hotel Africana
Plot 4-5 Nyabong Road,
Wampewo Avenue.

Tel: 0312517348 or 0777595780 


For membership and study enquiries please contact the student and membership team:


For branch support and event queries please contact the branch support team

Latest news

Dr Patrick Bitature receives accolade for services to governance from ICSA

ICSA: The Governance Institute has recognised the outstanding contribution to good governance of Dr Patrick Bitature, Executive Chairman of Simba Group. The highest accolade conferred by the UKRIAT Division of the internationally renowned Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (ICSA), the President’s Medal is awarded for distinguished or meritorious service in connection with the Institute. 

Simon Osborne, chief executive of ICSA: The Governance Institute said: “Dr Bitature’s support for ICSA in Uganda has been considerable. He has generously facilitated the provision of accommodation for the annual Directors and Secretaries Conference in Kampala which ICSA Uganda holds in collaboration with the Capital Markets Authority of Uganda. Most recently he has agreed to be the patron of a new mentoring scheme which has been launched by ICSA Uganda. I am delighted that Patrick has been awarded the President’s Medal. He is a truly worthy recipient.”

Board dynamics at meetings.

On 6 September 2017, at the request of participants, ICSA Uganda conducted a workshop on board dynamics at meetings entitled “Great Boards make Great Business”. How do you get the best out of your Board?  

The purpose of the training was to identify the different styles of behaviour that may impact the dynamics of a meeting, the various challenges and the solutions that can be employed to ensure an effective meeting. The training also described the skills and techniques a company secretary needs to support a productive working environment during a board meeting.

This training was led by ICSA’s expert facilitators: Ms. Emily Gakiza, a partner with the Capital Law firm based in Kampala and Ms. Rita Kabatunzi, Vice Chair of ICSA Uganda and Company Secretary of New Vision Printing and Publishing Company Ltd.

The participants reported that they had found the training to be educative and thought provoking as well professionally enriching in terms of the level of emotional intelligence that is required of a company secretary.

The training was a success and we thank all the participants, facilitators, and organisers for taking part.


Parliament of Uganda training in Effective Minute Taking, Rapporteuring and Reports.

Minutes are not only evidence of proceedings, but also validate meetings; it is assumed that until the contrary is proven, the business that was conducted is valid.

On 18 and 19 July ICSA Uganda, upon the request of the Parliament of Uganda, conducted a two-day training course for the different parliamentary committee clerks covering effective minute writing, rapporteuring and reports.

The purpose of the training was to equip the committee clerks with the relevant knowledge and practical skills that would be useful as they recorded the minutes of proceedings at the various committee meetings.

The training was led by ICSA‘s expert facilitators: Ms Elizabeth Rukundo, World Vision Regional Governance Advisor for  Southern Africa and Mrs. Jane Okot P'Bitek, ICSA Uganda Branch Chair and Deputy Registrar General of the Uganda Registration Services Bureau.

The facilitators emphasised the importance of effective minute taking in aiding good governance as it shows the proper discharge of responsibility and accountability by the parliamentary committees.

The training was an exciting and insightful learning experience. The feedback from the trainees was that the training should be extended to other government departments and organizations.

The Assistant Director at Parliament, Dr. Robert Tumukwasibwe thanked ICSA Uganda for honouring their invitation and for equipping the respective committee clerks with the adequate skills for effective minute writing, rapporteuring and reports.


June 2017

Recently, the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (ICSA) graduated 100 students in London. Miles away in Uganda, a name caught the eye: Judith Tracy Akello. Read more


The 6th Directors and Company Secretaries Conference held on 22 March 2017 in Kampala

The Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators Uganda (ICSA Uganda) together with the Capital Markets Authority (CMA) organised the 6th Annual Directors and Company Secretaries Conference, which took place on the 22 March 2017 at the Protea Hotel in Kampala. The one-day conference brought together over 100 participants who were mostly directors, members of governing bodies and company secretaries from the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. The conference theme was ‘Corporate Governance as a Tool for Driving Business Growth’. 

The opening remarks were made by Mr. Keith Kalyegira, Chief Executive Officer of CMA, who welcomed the delegates. The keynote address was made by Mrs. Justine Bagyenda, Executive Director of Supervision at the Bank of Uganda, who opened the conference with ‘Corporate Governance as a Tool for Driving Business Growth’. A notable highlight of the discussion was that The Cadbury Committee and every other authority agree that good corporate governance ultimately leads to better performance. Mr. Phillip Karugaba, Head of ENSAfrica Uganda, presented ‘The Role and Responsibilities of Board Members in the Listing Process’, stating that ‘All the directors must accept responsibility for all information in the prospectus’. 

Mrs Peninnah Kasule gave a presentation titled ‘Company Secretary: The Governance Professional’. She argued that ‘a company secretary is required to be a fit and proper person subjected to the test of a director, knowledge alone is inadequate. Skills and experience are needed and can be acquired to perform the task well. To advise the Board well, the company secretary needs to run ahead of directors in corporate governance.”

The panel discussion on contemporary governance issues in Uganda was chaired by Mr. Paul Busharizi. The Panel comprised of Prof. Waswa Balunywa, Principal of Makerere University Business School; Mr. Asad Lukwago, Audit Partner at KPMG; Mr. Fredrick Muhumuza, Economist and researcher of the School of Economics at Makerere University; and Mrs. Candy Okoboi, Company Secretary at Stanbic Bank. 

The Conference was closed by the ICSA Uganda Chairperson, Jane Bitek Langoya, who thanked the delegates, speakers and sponsors.

Delegates described the conference as being very educational and recommended attendance to the conference next year. 


Testimonials from the conference:

• Information useful for my role as a director, thank you. 
• Well-organized and well-chosen set of presenters, topics more interesting/captivating than the ones of 2016, relevant questions were asked/issues discussed that touched us as Ugandans. 
• Panel discussion was great, very useful insights on the importance of corporate governance. First year attending and will be sure to attend in future as a young person in legal profession, it would be great to attract more graduates to similar/this conference. Thank you.
• It was a very good educative workshop. The topics were well-analysed and discussed by presenters. Keep it up.
• Excellent presentations. 
• Valuable workshop. 

The conference was proudly sponsored by New Vision, Bank of Uganda and Centenary Bank. 


IFC & ICSA Women on Board Training

On 18 and 19 May IFC, in partnership with ICSA Uganda, organised an interactive training session for women in corporate leadership (Women on Board: Igniting Change). The training served as a forum to engage board leaders, gain their commitment and increase the number of talented, experienced and appropriately qualified women on boards. The training was for a selected group of 25 women. Participants who attended the training said it was very enlightening and it was a distinct honour to be selected. 


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Contact Uganda

ICSA Uganda office
BMk House within Hotel Africana
Plot 4-5 Nyabong Road,
Wampewo Avenue.

Tel: 0312517348 or 0777595780 


For membership and study enquiries please contact the student and membership team:


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