ICSA Mauritius Graduation and Membership Ceremony

The ICSA Mauritius Graduation and Membership Ceremony takes place on Thursday 15 November 2018 at Rajiv Gandhi Science Centre, welcoming guests to this very special occasion.

The ceremony celebrates the success of new graduates of our ICSA qualifying programme

We will also recognise the achievements of those progressing to Associate and Fellow status.

Graduates, Associates and Fellows of ICSA are invited to wear academic dress to the ceremony. Those receiving other awards (listed on the Graduation page of the website) are not required to do so. 

By attending the ceremony you will be required to pay Rs2,500 per person, which includes the cost of hiring your academic dress, and can bring up to three guests to share in the experience. 

We wish our graduates a prosperous future with ICSA: The Governance Institute and the best of luck with the next step in their career.   

Further information

Please do take a few minutes to read the notes below, to make this event memorable for you. 

The schedule for the day will be as follows:

Venue: Rajiv Gandhi Science Centre, Bell Village at 12.30 


12.30 Hall opens, registration begins

12.35 Gowning and photography begin

13.20 Graduates, Associates and Fellows are asked to assemble at their meeting point, fully robed for procession under the guidance of the respective marshal

13.25 Guests are asked to take their seats in the auditorium

13.30 Ceremony begins

14.30 Ceremony ends

14.35 Family photo with all graduates and platform party

14.40 Family photo with their families 

14.50 Gowns and hats are returned to the respective counter

15.00 Refreshment

Registration: On arrival please go first to the registration desk so that your attendance can be recorded. 

Participation: The local office will be providing gowns to attendees for the event. 

A participation fee of Rs 2,500/- will be required per attendee which includes the followings:

  • Renting cost for gown
  • Three photography of the event (1 portrait with gown (A4 with frame), 2 upon receipt of certificate and with family/friend (13x15cm)). Additional fees will be charge for more photos.

Guests attendees are allowed. Those graduating can be accompanied by maximum 3 guests for the event. 

Meeting points: The processional march for the participants will commence at 13.20. Please ensure you are at your assembly point, fully robed, by 13.10. 

Meeting points for Graduates, Associates, Fellows will be in the left corridor outside of the auditorium. 

The Ceremony: Your group is assigned a marshal who will meet you at your 13.10 meeting point and then lead you into the auditorium. There will be reserved seating for you in the hall as per the number attributed on your slip. 

When you first enter the hall, you and your guest should remain standing until the platform party has entered and asked you to be seated.

Please do not lose your name slip, as you approach the stage you will need to hand this to the announcer before collecting your scroll.



(i) Closing time for registration is 13.00

(ii) All mobiles should be switch-off or be on silent mode

Date: Thursday 15 November 2018
Venue: Rajiv Gandhi Science Centre, Old Moka Road, Bell Village, Mauritius
Time: 12.30pm - 2.30pm
Cost: MUR2,500 for Graduates, Associates and Fellows, free for prize winners. 

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