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Welcome to the ICSA press office. We can provide you with articles, spokespeople, speakers, leading commentary and objective analysis on all matters related to governance, risk and compliance. In particular, as the leading authority on governance, we provide expert analysis on legal and regulatory issues in the corporate, not-for-profit and public sectors.

ICSA CEO, on the misleading mildness of company secretaries and the fatal flaws that led to the disintegration of Railtrack.

23 April 2018

The Independent, 23 April 2018. Read more

Carry out background checks on potential trustees, warns new free guidance

29 March 2018

Third Sector, 29 March 2018. Read more

ICSA issues free guidance on building board assurance framework

22 August 2017

Read more

Charities are told to shape up on wages and fundraising

30 July 2017

London, 13 July 2017. Read more

Achieving good governance at your golf club

30 July 2017

London, 30 July 2017. Read more

ICSA initiates governance sea change

06 March 2017

London, 6 March 2017. Read more

Untangling corporate governance

22 February 2017

London, 22 February 2017. Read more

Well-paid bosses should not get knighthoods – says Sir Philip Hampton

31 January 2017

London, 31 January 2017. Read more

Unions and business groups unite to call for strengthened governance

25 January 2017

London, 25 January 2017. Read more

Bringing stakeholder comms online

20 January 2017

London, 20 January 2017. Read more

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