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Little external audit improvement post-Carillion collapse

01 February 2019

Compliance Week, 1 February 2019. Read more

Lack of tech expertise at board level puts strategy at risk

31 January 2019

Financial Director, 31 January 2019. Read more

ICSA appoints new Chief Executive

31 January 2019

Business Leader, 31 January 2019. Read more

The collapse of Carillion a year on: the verdict

30 January 2019

Financial Director, 30 January 2019. Read more

Why Business Leaders Are So Pessimistic About Growth In 2019

21 January 2019

Forbes, 21 January 2019. Read more

The corporate icing on the cake

14 January 2019

BL Global, 14 January 2019. Read more

Charity governance: what to expect in 2019

11 January 2019

Charity Times, 11 January 2019. Read more

Private matters

05 October 2018

Economia, 4 October 2018. Read more

Local governing bodies in academies shouldn’t hold trustees to account, says sector expert

05 October 2018

Schools Week, 5 October 2018. Read more

Social and environmental issues will drive future governance

29 September 2018

The HR Director, 29 September 2018. Read more

‘Stalwart champion’ for the island announces retirement

13 September 2018

Isle of Man Today, 13 September 2018. Read more

ICSA: The Governance Institute back in Sri Lanka

07 August 2018

Daily News, Sri Lanka, 7 August 2018. Read more

Why next-generation thinking on governance cannot be ignored

26 July 2018

Board Agenda, 26 July 2018. Read more

Board chairs offered extension on nine-year terms in new code

16 July 2018

Board Agenda, 16 July 2018. Read more

ICSA publishes guidance on improving charity boardroom behaviours

12 July 2018

Charity Times, 12 July 2018. Read more

Flexibility on offer for chairman terms in new governance code

12 July 2018

Board Agenda, 12 July 2018. Read more

Changes needed so FRC can act faster, says Haddrill

10 July 2018

Economia, 10 July 2018. Read more

The true cost of a GDPR breach: 78% of people would avoid a business after a data leak

06 July 2018

Real Business, 6 July 2018. Read more

GDPR draining organisations resources

03 July 2018

Enterprise Times, 3 July 2018. Read more

Prominent Cypriot Businessmen Receive Fellowships from ICSA: The Governance Institute

27 June 2018

GOLD News, 27 June 2018. Read more

FRC UK Corporate Governance Code Consultatation

18 June 2018

Risk & Compliance, Apr-June 2018 issue. Read more

Insolvency changes to avoid next BHS could force more liquidations say business groups

12 June 2018

City AM, 12 June 2018. Read more

Audit market is the issue, not FRC, says ICSA

05 June 2018

Economia, 5 June 2018. Read more

ICSA CEO, on the misleading mildness of company secretaries and the fatal flaws that led to the disintegration of Railtrack.

23 April 2018

The Independent, 23 April 2018. Read more

Carry out background checks on potential trustees, warns new free guidance

29 March 2018

Third Sector, 29 March 2018. Read more

ICSA issues free guidance on building board assurance framework

22 August 2017

Read more

Charities are told to shape up on wages and fundraising

30 July 2017

London, 13 July 2017. Read more

Achieving good governance at your golf club

30 July 2017

London, 30 July 2017. Read more

ICSA initiates governance sea change

06 March 2017

London, 6 March 2017. Read more

Untangling corporate governance

22 February 2017

London, 22 February 2017. Read more

Well-paid bosses should not get knighthoods – says Sir Philip Hampton

31 January 2017

London, 31 January 2017. Read more

Unions and business groups unite to call for strengthened governance

25 January 2017

London, 25 January 2017. Read more

Bringing stakeholder comms online

20 January 2017

London, 20 January 2017. Read more

Pensions Regulator needs stronger powers to safeguard pensions, poll finds

29 September 2016

London, 28 September 2016. Read more

BHS fiasco prompts better private company governance

14 September 2016

London, 14 September 2016. Read more

ICSA questions strengthening of shareholder rights

02 September 2016

London, 2 September 2016. Read more

Call to curb FTSE ‘boys’ club’ as top bosses' pay soars by 10%

08 August 2016

London Evening Standard, 8 August 2016. Read more

Embrace culture to boost your business, new report tells the boardroom

20 July 2016

City AM 20 July 2016. Read more

Countdown to EU NFR Directive day

19 July 2016

Financier Worldwide Magazine, August 2016 issue. Read more

Entries open for ICSA Jersey Awards

15 July 2016

Bailiwick Express July 2016. Read more

Who owns your data?

15 July 2016

BL Global Feature July 2016. Read more

Maximise your potential with targeted learning

16 June 2016

Non Executive Directors Online Network, June 2016. Read more

Risk and the board

14 June 2016

HR Director, June 2016. Read more

Why you should train the board

31 May 2016

HR Manager, May 2016. Read more

Directors’ responsibilities in the governance age

16 May 2016

HR Director, May 2016. Read more

Be a sporting hero – sort out your governance

01 April 2016

Risk & Compliance, Apr-Jun 2016 issue. Read more

Red flags that signal companies at risk of a corporate scandal

04 March 2016

The Telegraph, March 2016. Read more

Less than half of UK boards consider Brexit impact, says poll

03 March 2016

Financial Director, March 2016. Read more

UK boardrooms express little concern on 'Brexit,' but clouds darken over finance sector

02 March 2016

Forbes, March 2016. Read more

Is scandal brewing in your corporate culture?

01 March 2016

Treasury Today, March 2016. Read more

Why you need to declare your persons with significant control

01 March 2016

Third Sector, March 2016. Read more

Address board culture to mitigate risk

01 January 2016

Risk & Compliance, Jan-Mar 2016 issue. Read more

Succession planning: be the best by preparing for the worst

01 July 2015

Risk & Compliance Jul-Sep 2015 issue. Read more

Taking ethics seriously: by setting up board committees?

Forbes, March 2016. Read more

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