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ICSA renamed The Chartered Governance Institute

20 September 2019

ICSA: The Governance Institute has today announced that it has changed its name to become The Chartered Governance Institute, a move which mirrors the change in name of the international professional body of which it is a division. Read more

Viewing the CMA audit recommendations in isolation risks putting the cart before the horse, The Chartered Governance Institute warns

17 September 2019

The Chartered Governance Institute has advised the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy to wait before implementing the proposals contained in the CMA Market Study into Statutory Audit Services, believing that now is not the right time. Read more

New guidance launched to help academies’ understanding of CLG model

27 August 2019

Guidance to improve understanding of the companies limited by guarantee (CLG) model and the charity, company and education frameworks within which academies operate has been released today by ICSA: The Governance Institute. Read more

FTSE gloomy about economy but fears lessen over Brexit, Boardroom Bellwether survey finds

27 August 2019

Boards lack confidence in the economy, with 69% of respondents to a survey of FTSE 350 companies published today by The Chartered Governance Institute believing that the UK economy will decline in the coming year. Just 7% expect an improvement and only 10% expect an improvement in the global economy. Despite the gloom, fears appear to be lessening over Brexit with fewer companies now rating an exit as damaging. UK PLC is on the fence about the effect of no-deal Brexit, however, with 40% believing it would be damaging, 40% believing it would not and 20% unsure. Read more

Organisations’ understanding of data not greatly improved by GDPR, poll finds

30 July 2019

The introduction of GDPR has not yet led to a substantial improvement in organisations’ understanding of their data according to a poll out today from ICSA: The Governance Institute and recruitment specialist The Core Partnership. The poll reveals that the majority of organisations surveyed (42%) feel that their understanding of data has stayed the same since GDPR was introduced. Some 39% of respondents believe that their understanding has improved significantly, however, while a further 17% think that is has improved slightly. Read more

Next gen British boards set to remain pale, male and stale, new research finds

09 July 2019

A lack of genuine diversity at the top of British business suggests that there will be little change in the C-Suite in coming years, according to research out today by ICSA: The Governance Institute, London Business School’s Leadership Institute and Elisabeth Marx Associates. Read more

KPMG company secretary honoured for commitment to good governance

19 June 2019

ICSA: The Governance Institute, the professional body for governance, which has a thriving branch in Jamaica, has awarded Elizabeth Henry-Pottinger, company secretary and senior manager at KPMG in Jamaica, the 2019 President’s Medal for meritorious service. Read more

Charity Commission inquiry into Oxfam shows that the three Ps of good governance remain essential

12 June 2019

ICSA: The Governance Institute has today issued a statement in response to the Charity Commission’s inquiry into Oxfam. Read more

Consultation opens into the effectiveness of board evaluation for listed companies

29 May 2019

ICSA: The Governance Institute has today opened a consultation into the effectiveness of independent board evaluation in the UK listed sector. The review, which is being carried out at the request of the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, will assess the quality of evaluations and identify ways in which board evaluation might be improved. Read more

Overtime and productivity are out of step, poll finds

24 May 2019

Regularly working more than contracted hours is not leading to an increase in productivity accordingly to a poll out today from ICSA: The Governance Institute and recruitment specialist The Core Partnership. The poll reveals that 72% of company secretaries surveyed work beyond their contracted hours in order to get the job done, with few paid overtime and just 27% believing that productivity is improved by working overtime. Read more

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