Good Governance Index

In June this year, the Institute of Directors will publish the 2016 edition of the “Good Governance Index,” ranking UK-listed companies in terms of their corporate governance.  Last year, we gave the IoD some feedback about the report that they produced and, in particular, the context into which their survey findings were put.  That said, we believe that any attempt to help companies benchmark their corporate governance against their peers is to be encouraged and we have agreed to work with the IoD and their other partners to make the index more reflective of the needs of companies and investors, giving greater recognition to the ‘comply or explain’ principle of the UK Corporate Governance Code. 

As part of the assessment process, the IoD and ICSA are therefore asking ICSA members to take a short five minute survey which will provide a key input into the calculation of the index. In the survey, you will be asked for your assessment of the governance standards of major UK-listed companies. The information you supply will be on a confidential basis and will be used solely to help compile the Good Governance Index.

Please click here to take the survey: and select the drop down as ICSA member

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