UKRIAT Annual General Meeting 2021

Notice of AGM

Notice is hereby given that the annual general meeting of the UKRIAT Division of The Chartered Governance Institute will be held virtually at 18.00hrs (GMT) on Monday 8 February 2021 through CESjoinIN to transact the following business:

  1. To receive and consider the annual report and financial statements for the year ended 30 June 2020.
  2. To re-appoint Haysmacintyre LLP as auditors and to authorise the UKRIAT Committee to set their fees.
  3. To approve the amendments to the UKRIAT Regulations of 3 February 2020 as set out in appendix A to this notice.
  4. Subject to the approval of resolution 3, to authorise the Head of Secretariat to consecutively re-number the Regulations (as amended after voting on resolution 3) and update internal cross-references correspondingly, as set out in appendix B to this notice.
  5. Subject to the approval of resolution 3, to authorise the Head of Secretariat, as a matter of course, to correct any amendments to the Regulations which do not materially affect the intent and meaning of the proposed Regulations as set out in Resolution 3.

By order of the UKRIAT Committee

Cynthia Mora-Spencer
Head of Secretariat
13 January 2021

Notes not forming part of the resolutions

The UKRIAT Committee has been monitoring the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Having regard to social distancing requirements and in the interests of the health and safety of our members and staff, we have decided that this year’s AGM will be held as a virtual meeting. To read the letter from the President please click here.

The UKRIAT Committee has appointed Civica Election Services as scrutineers of the meeting for the purposes set out in the UKRIAT Regulations 82 to 85.

Fellows and Associates of the Institute’s UKRIAT Division are entitled to join, speak and vote at the meeting. A member entitled to participate and vote at the meeting may appoint a proxy to participate and vote on their behalf. A proxy must be a member of the Institute registered with the UKRIAT Division who is entitled to vote.

To help us ensure that full answers to questions can be given at the AGM, it is helpful to receive these in advance. However, please note that this does not preclude you from asking a question during the meeting. If you would like to submit a question in advance, please email us by Wednesday 03 February 2021. Instructions on how to ask a question during the meeting can be found here.

Annual report and financial statements for the year ended 30 June 2020

Appendix A

Appendix B

To download a printable proxy form please click here

Letter from the President

For more information, please contact Cynthia Mora-Spencer, Head of Secretariat here or +44 (0)20 7612 7002

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