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Why are examinations being moved from physical centres to online?
Will examinations continue to be online after the November session?
Can I still take a paper-based examination if I prefer it that way?
How will the online examinations work?
Will it be easier than doing a paper-based examination?
How does the remote invigilation work?
Who are you working with to manage the online examinations?
Are the examinations recorded? What happens to that data?
What equipment will I need to have?
How do I know if my computer is compatible?
Can I do the examination online if I don’t have any of the right equipment?
Can I have a screen or keyboard connected to my laptop computer?
Does the second device have to be a phone?
How should the second device be set up?
Is the ProctorExam Remote Exams app reliable?
What happens if there are internet connection problems or power cuts?
Will there be any concessions for students in November, who are using this system for the first time?
When will examinations start?
What is going to happen to students who don’t have fast typing skills?
What happens if I need you to make adjustments to my exam conditions for an approved reason?
How can you stop people cheating?
What ID do I need to show the invigilator?
How will ‘reading time’ work?
Will I be able to make notes on a piece of paper?
How many sheets of note paper am I allowed?
Will I be able to take a toilet break?
Can I eat and drink during the examination?
How will we be able to answer calculation questions in the finance examinations?
Will I be allowed to use a calculator?
Will I be allowed to print a copy of the formulae and tables for the finance examination?
Is spell-check functional during the examination?
How can I find out more about how the Rogo examination platform works?
Will you still pre-release case studies six weeks ahead of the examinations?
Will I be able to have a printed copy of the case study in the examination?
Are there any updates on the exam week?
Where can I find more detailed guidance?
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