125 years and still going strong

ICSA 125 years

As UKRIAT President I am greatly looking forward to the remainder of my term in 2016 and the 125th anniversary of the founding of the Institute. I have already taken part in many events across the UK, Ireland, Northern Ireland, and in the Crown Dependencies and the West Indies where I have been encouraged by the enthusiasm and commitment of our members and students. People running local branches work tremendously hard and provide huge support to their professional communities for which we cannot thank you enough.

I am glad to say that ICSA is definitely in a better position than when I joined the UKRIAT Committee and International Council in 2010. Strong foundations have been laid for growth and development. The executive team under Simon Osborne (with continuing support from the other honorary officers and members of the Committee) have made a huge effort to stabilise our position and to take us forward to a new era. They deserve our thanks for this significant achievement.

The designation of UKRIAT as a division of the Institute completes the constitutional reforms of the past two years and is a very significant step for us. In future, UKRIAT will work alongside the other ICSA divisions on an equal footing, with improved status and fairer representation for members in the Associated Territories. We can now concentrate on raising the profile and standards of governance to the benefit of members in all the UKRIAT regions. There will be further stimulating debate on future strategy at the Committee over the coming year as we are now free to focus on the way ahead for UKRIAT.

We celebrate our 125th anniversary this year and while we have much to celebrate and will be highlighting our anniversary prominently on the website and elsewhere, we also want to make sure that ICSA remains as relevant in the future as it was when it started in 1891. We are reviewing the chartered secretary qualifying scheme to make sure that it remains fit for purpose and we are also encouraging our younger members to strive to be the future face of governance. We will continue to keep you informed on all exciting developments through ‘In the Loop’ and elsewhere and we certainly welcome your contribution to our journey forward.

One of my aims as President is to raise our profile. In meeting so many members, it has become very clear to me that all of us have a part to play in this - our members and students are often our best ambassadors so I encourage you to do something with or for your Institute in 2016.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Support your branch and connect with your local professional network – and invite your colleagues and contacts along to events.
  • Encourage a friend or colleague to join us as an affiliate. We are the natural home for governance, risk and compliance professionals and there’s no better way to discover us than through personal recommendation.
  • Advocate for the profession by speaking to young people in schools and colleges.

Don’t forget that we are here to support you too and this year we have even more to offer, whether you want to come along to one of our many events, or by connecting with ICSA online via Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook to take part in the latest debates.

Finally, if you have ideas and suggestions for how we can develop, please tell me what you think at ukriatpresident@icsa.org.uk.

I hope that you will find getting more involved with ICSA in 2016 stimulating and rewarding. Here’s to a great new year for the Institute and all our members and students as we mark our 125th anniversary.

Frank Curtiss, FCIS FCMA


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